IINSTEAD OF ARAÇATIBA Araçatiba is the second most important community of Ilha Grande in tourist activity and starting point for boat trips and great ecological walks. The high point is the transparency of calm and green waters most of the time, which makes the locality excellent for the practice of snorkeling and of course scuba diving, as well as rowing in canoe or kayak. It is common to observe several fish, turtles, rays and lucky dolphins. The place is perfect for relaxing and sleeping early. The distractions at night are due to what the inns offer. There are restaurants linked to inns that offer good cuisine and also independent restaurants in Praia Vermelha. The Araçatiba Cove covers an extensive area of ​​the coast and is composed of 6 beaches: Praia Grande de Araçatiba (main), Araçatibinha or Araçatiba Beach, Viana Beach, Cachoeira Beach, Praia Vermelha and Itaguaçú Beach. All are communicated by trails. Here live approximately 370 people who mainly take their livelihood from the fishing activity. Main attractions - Things to do, leisure activities in Araçatiba: Clear waters favoring the contemplation of the fauna and flora underwater - snorkel; Sunset over the mountain range; Nautical tours to All of Ilha Grande: Lagoa Verde, Sítio Forte, Lagoa Azul, Saco do Céu, Abraão, Palmas, Lopes Mendes, Caxadaço, Dois Rios, Parnaioca, Adventurer, Meros, Caves of Acaiá and Full Tour on the Island; Great hiking trails for light and medium; Stand-up and kayak; Fishing; Viewpoint of the Green Lagoon (Urubú Peak). Tips from ilhagrande.com.br: For connection with the village of Abraão, the best option is via the city of Angra dos Reis. It is also possible to come from Abraham through a boat trip to the Lagoa Verde and then walk for 15 minutes until you find the T6 trail to Araçatiba (luggage must be backpack, not suitcases); For those who are good at leg and have good physical conditioning, carrying a light backpack is possible to go walking or pedaling a mountain bike starting early from Abraham. If you are walking you can take the shortcut from Saco do Céu - Bananal and arrive in Araçatiba in the late afternoon. The estimated time is 8 to 9 hours of walking. How to get to Araçatiba: The connection with Angra dos Reis is daily, through boats that transport the residents of the Enseada including Praia Vermelha and Itaguaçú, as if it were a bus that makes some stops and also by the Flexboat Natiga 1 - Touring boat, prepared for passenger transportation that crosses in just 25 minutes between Angra dos Reis and the cove of Araçatiba. He also walks on Ilha Grande. More information, schedules and telephones for crossing reservations, see here; Walking from Bananal or Sítio Forte, by the trails T5 and T6 or by the T7 and T8 that comes from the Red Beach.